Instructor Certification


RhythmRide® offers an indoor cycling instructor certification and is the only certification that distinguishes the fact that we ride to the beat of the music. You will learn cueing techniques, distinct movements to do on the bike, and choreography. Teaching the RhythmRide method will fill your classes with students and excite them to tell their friends. If you are already an instructor that uses the beat then you know how your students respond. This method will take your classes to a whole new level.

In order to get certified you need to attend the two day indoor cycling instructor certification program and also demonstrate that you ride to the beat of the music and can perform
RhythmRide® method.

In all the certification classes I have taken over 17 years of teaching not one ever taught how to spin to the beat of the music. They also didn’t teach how to teach and cue. At RhythmRide, you will learn both of these techniques and more!

My goal is to make RhythmRide® the best spin technique in the country and I want you to come learn and be an ambassador for RhythmRide!

Please Contact Shelley for Upcoming Certification Classes. 949-494-4554

Next Certification Class is Oct. 15 & 16 2016 $475 per person max 12