Rhythm Ride 10 Year Anniversary Marrie Stone

Rhythm Ride celebrates 10 years of giving it all by giving back – and gives the reins over to a new owner
Long before spin studios popped up in nearly every town, Shelley Arends caught the cycle craze. She studied with spinning founder Johnny Goldberg over 20 years ago, and soon began teaching under his tutelage. But it was Shelley who created an innovation all her own – riding to the rhythm of the music. “No one else was doing it,” she says. “But it just made sense.” 
A decade later, Shelley’s following is still spinning strong. So strong, she felt it was finally safe to hand over her riding reins. 
Now under the new ownership of Laguna native Stephanie Chapel, Rhythm Ride celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month.  
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Photo by Jennifer Pritchard
Stephanie Chapel, new owner of Rhythm Ride
 “Stephanie has a great following, great energy and the passion I always had for spin,” says Shelley. “You need that passion.” 
Equal parts inspiration and motivation, Stephanie exudes enthusiasm, energy and encouragement. You cannot help but be happy in her presence. 
“I’m excited to carry on the legacy Shelley created,” Stephanie says. “The fact that Rhythm Ride has been open for 10 years is a testament both to this community and to the amazing people that support it. I’m excited to continue serving them.”
Good for your heart: Giving to Laguna Pantry
Consistent with Stephanie’s service-oriented attitude, she decided to celebrate Rhythm Ride’s anniversary with a giveback party of her own this past Oscar Sunday. Partnering with Laguna Food Pantry, Rhythm Ride is encouraging all clients to donate ten food items throughout the month of March. 
Donation bins are stationed at the studio and available for drop-offs during business hours. The Laguna Food Pantry specifically seeks seven items: canned tuna, macaroni and cheese, pasta, sauce, rice, beans, and cereal.
Good for your health: Pop-up shops supported the event
For clients attending last Sunday’s celebration, golden Mylar balloons and stunning floral bouquets surrounded several local businesses, all geared towards promoting health, wellness, beauty and nutrition. 
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Photo by Tara Olson
Sweaty but happy: Celebrating an event good for the heart in every way
Project Juice, Sevenly Foods, and o-Roy-o Salsa all shared their ultra-healthy and exceedingly tasty treats. And JadeTiger Tea handed out chai samples from her eclectic supply of online teas. 
SeaCycle offered a hygienic slip-on sleeve for spin seats. And, for a little fun and fashion, Soul Project, Treva’s Beachwear and Beach Brellas were all on hand to help clients show off all the efforts of their hard work in spin class.
The Rhythm Ride difference
By combining upbeat music with simple dance moves on a bike, Shelley created a 60-minute full-body, heart-pounding, sweat-drenched workout that felt ridiculously fun. The music keeps you moving, the instructors keep you motivated, and the collective energy pushes you further than you think you can go. The results are addictive. The best part, at least for me, is that it accommodates every skill set, no matter your age, condition or coordination. Classes can be tailored to every individual’s ability. Little surprise Shelley created a huge following.
There are few people better equipped to assume this legacy than Stephanie.
Good for everyone
After years of spinning, I still can’t keep a beat. But it doesn’t matter. The workout is high intensity, insanely sweaty, and just as fun. Why? Because the instructors make you feel successful, no matter what. 
“I love Rhythm Ride for the good vibes and great community,” says instructor Megan Tyrrell. “Unlike other studios, there is no intimidation factor. From the moment you walk in, you feel welcome.” 
The hardest part of any workout is walking in. Folks have been walking into Rhythm Ride for ten years, and for good reason. Here’s to a new chapter, and another decade of good health and great, sweat-filled fun.

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